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It’s easy enough to say that you are a great employer. But what matters is simply being it. As soon as you walk through the door, you can feel the difference: We are determined to work hard for each other and to help each other to give of our best. Work takes up too much time for it not to be amazing fun!

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“YaWorks is a professional company, but with a high level of flexibility and personal attention for each other. You can simply enjoy all the benefits and you have the opportunity to develop yourself further. If you combine this with the cool assignments, you will understand why YaWorks is such a great place to work. 

David Lunel, Network Consultant

colleagues about YaWorks

Dave about 12,5 years @YaWorks

Dave about 12,5 years @YaWorks

Dave about 12,5 years @YaWorks

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How do you plan to develop?

At YaWorks, your development is what matters most. We want you to get the best out of yourself, and we work together to help make that happen. There are all kinds of directions you can take, which path will you choose?

What do they say

Name: Daan Grotenhuis
Position: Network Automation Specialist
At YaWorks since:  2021

Before I joined YaWorks, I was already automating my work as much as possible. At YaWorks I was given the opportunity to implement automation in a network environment and I got the opportunity to do what I really like. It’s a great employer. Most of your time you spend at your assignment. I have a very nice team and we regularly meet to work at the YaWorks office. Those are always fun days together; with the team and colleagues of YaWorks.

What I like most about my work is the challenge in technology, learning new things, going the extra mile, solving problems, and helping each other.

At YaWorks you don't fill a (temporary) vacancy only to maintain a network, but you can transform the complete infrastructure to a new robust and modern digital backbone. If you are passionate about your profession, this is definitely a nice place to work.

Name: Kirsten van der Hulst
Position: Manager Delivery
Works at YaWorks since: 2014

I already knew YaWorks before starting work here in 2014. I had the impression of a young, ambitious club where everyone works hard, but also has fun. That turned out to be right, as I’ve found out for myself over the last few years.

No one is the same, and yet everyone feels free to be themselves. We’re all ambitious, with a strong motivation to achieve our shared goals, but it also feels just as much like a group of friends working together. You have the freedom to express your opinions and there’s always room to explore your own ideas.

The work is varied, which means no day is ever the same. As Manager Delivery, I aim to optimize the processes in collaboration with all departments. That’s the challenge I enjoy taking on every single day.

Name: Mark Raats
Position: Wireless Consultant
At YaWorks since: 2017

As a Wireless Consultant, I work for different customers and at different levels. For example, I was deployed as an operation engineer for a major dairy cooperative, focusing on life-cycle management. In another project, I am part of the project team, working at the level of design and architecture.
I’m also part of the YaWorks Wireless Cluster Team, actively collaborating on product development and knowledge sharing. That’s important, because it enables me to develop as well. 

Within my team, I can have my say and if I explain what I want to happen, it’s genuinely taken on board. YaWorks has helped me to specialize further in Wireless.
For example, I’m the first person in the Netherlands to be CWNE certified. I’m very proud of that! My ultimate aim is to become an architect and specialize further in wireless security. Thanks to YaWorks, it will come true!

Name: Maarten Vervoorn
Position: CTO
At YaWorks since: 2011

My personal mission is to get more attention within organizations for digital infrastructure and to give the digital backbone of the Netherlands a much-needed innovative upgrade.

I started at YaWorks as a lead consultant, and now as CTO of YaWorks I support our customers in their journey to a new future-proof digital backbone. Many organizations are struggling with a huge technical debt and there is little or no attention for this within the management of organizations. This worries me greatly, especially given the dependence we all have on it.

As a small child - and now as a big child - technical innovation has been my passion. I love creating something valuable with technology. For example, as a hobby I have completely automated my house, it’s a kind of house of the future. At YaWorks I have been able to turn my hobby into my job and I have been given te opportunity to develop myself. I also enjoy assisting my team in their personal development. This is a great place to grow. With the right mindset, energy and ambitions you can develop yourself and belong at the top of the Dutch consultants!

Name: Hans Driessens
Position: Network Architect
At YaWorks since: 2016

As a Network Architect, it’s my job to advise customers on IT and governance. This is not only about structuring processes or optimizations within organizations, but also about collaboration and communication.

The people who work at YaWorks want to make progress, have ideas and develop and share knowledge. I think the last one of those is particularly important – it’s essential in the world of networks. Learning from each other is the best thing there is.

The clusters within YaWorks are completely focused on development. Within your own area of knowledge, you’re given guidance for technical growth in the form of a development plan. This enables everyone to pursue their own paths and perform to the best of their ability.

Name: John Bos
Position: Field Manager
At YaWorks since: 2017

I’ve been working as a Field Manager at YaWorks since the summer of 2017. It may sound like a cliché, but I felt at home from day one. Everyone here has the same mindset: we want to work hard and enjoyment at work and trusting each other are essential. Because of that mutual trust, we always act with the best intentions and get the job done together.

I have since progressed to HR Manager. I am primarily responsible for the HR policy within YaWorks and I also manage Field Management and provide guidance and coaching to our consultants. We are their first port of call. Mutual trust is essential in this. After all, you’re not only discussing the status of a project, you’re also talking about home. As the Field Manager, you’re there for the employees. It’s your role to ensure that they can do their job as effectively as possible and are happy in their work.

Fortunately, there is enough room for my own development, both professionally and personally. I’m challenged by my colleagues and have the freedom to take on projects that interest me. This helps me to learn more about myself and make even more progress in my development.

Martijn Hartering

Name: Martijn Hartering
Position: Manager Shared Services
At YaWorks since: 2012

I have the best job in the Netherlands! YaWorks is a fresh, fast-growing and honest organization with talented people who have the ‘YaWorks DNA’. We work openly and transparently. The consultants in the field, the field managers, account managers and head office have short lines of communication with each other. Thanks to the great atmosphere, it feels like one big family. I enjoy what I do so much, that I rarely sit out a day.

The ever-growing back office is also contributing to YaWorks’ overall growth. We continually set ourselves new targets, such as professionalizing administration and optimizing the onboarding process for new YaWorkers. YaWorks is increasing its visibility all the time and that’s something I’m proud of.

Name: Jan Strydom
Position: Solution Architect
At YaWorks since: 2022

I come from South Africa and in 2022 I arrived in The Netherlands together with my wife. It was a big step to take but I was looking forward to joining YaWorks because of its reputation as a leading company in the IT field throughout the Netherlands, the opportunities for growth and development, and the reputation it has build up over the last 15-years. 

The best thing about working at YaWorks is the opportunities for growth and development, and the ability to work on meaningful projects. It makes me feel good to know that I can contribute to something bigger than myself, and that I can use my skills and knowledge effectively.   
I am proud of my work when I have made a positive impact and achieving the timelines set against any project that I am working on.

My future will be shaped by a combination of personal and professional factors I have set for myself, and, with some help from YaWorks, ultimately become a well-rounded and highly experienced professional in my area of expertise

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Process of recruitment

First contact with YaWorks
You have heard about YaWorks via the website, social media or a colleague and contact us by telephone.
First meeting
At our offices in Amsterdam, you get to know your first YaWorkers and talk to our recruiter.
Technical assessment
After that, we invite you to attend a technical assessment with one of our Lead Consultants and will assess your technical knowledge together.
Welcome to YaWorks!
Is there a meeting of minds? Was the assessment successful? Welcome to YaWorks!

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