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YaWorks stands for the combination of vision, market overview and in-depth knowledge of digital infrastructure. We bring these worlds together by putting functionality first rather than technology.


YaWorks embraces the Cloud and the tremendous potential and added speed it delivers for the business, together with the future added value services it can offer, such as AI. In order to truly reap the benefits, without adding another expensive and isolated environment to the IT landscape, strategy, architecture and governance are crucially important. YaWorks has one foot in the on-premise infrastructure and the other in the new world – combining these two worlds in a controlled way.


As organizational boundaries become blurred, tomorrow’s networks look remarkably different. New technologies, such as Software Defined solutions (SDx, SDN, NFV, SD-WAN), and automation tooling make the network more flexible and more in line with today’s world. We provide support in the complex transformation of your traditional networks to flexible, secure and cost-efficient lifelines that will enable you to continue to respond rapidly to ever-changing business needs.

Data Centers

Developments are happening at breakneck speed: modern apps are continually driving up expectations of user experience and organizations aim to release new functionalities faster and more frequently in order to keep up with these expectations. This means that data centers face the challenge of delivering infrastructure that makes this possible whilst subsequently being energy-efficient. YaWorks helps customers to keep pace through smart modernization, security and automation.

Automation & Orchestration

Increasingly, the reliability, speed and flexibility of IT will prove to be essential ingredients for the success of organizations. The cost, duration and risk of management and changes within IT can be dramatically reduced through automation and – as the next step after that – orchestration. YaWorks helps customers to improve manageability and dramatically reduce the unpredictability factor of change (costs, risks, time to market) by automating infrastructure components (Cloud, Network, Data Center) and increasingly controlling them centrally (orchestration).

Security & Identity

For more than a decade, YaWorks has been contributing to improving the digital security of organizations. We advise on and implement cybersecurity strategy (security by design) and Identity and Access Management (IAM). Both of these elements are essential for continuing to reconcile flexibility and security as far as possible. We therefore help with segmentation, detection and security of infrastructure to protect customers and help them keep access to various applications manageable and user-friendly – wherever they may be in the world.


Especially in a digital world, where change is the only constant, pragmatic architecture is essential for remaining fast and flexible without losing control. YaWorks architects reduce complexity, create an overview and help generate the right support for changes. Our aim is to ensure that your IT perfectly matches your business and the opportunities technology offers us, now and in the future. Because of our in-depth specialist expertise, we are able to develop architecture that’s feasible and executable both technically and organizationally.

  • Security Architecture
  • Digital Infrastructure Architecture
  • Cloud/Hybrid Architecture
  • Network Architecture


An effective balance between people, process and technology is essential for the success of any IT organization. Far too often, solutions are sought in terms of technology, when the cause is actually inadequate or inappropriate governance. After all, IT is more than just technology. Thanks to our experience in countless IT organizations, we can see what works and what doesn’t. With a practical approach based on first-hand experience, we advise our customers on organizational development (process & team design) and decision-making in and around IT and help ensure you comply with your statutory obligations (such as GDPR) and standards (such as Cobit, ITIL and ISO).

  • Target Operating Model
  • Security Governance
  • Cloud Governance

The vendors we work with include:

  • Aerohive Networks
  • Arbor Networks
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