We are YaWorks

The specialists in digital infrastructure. We deliver the know-how required to design, build and innovate digital infrastructures.

You turn to YaWorks to run entire projects from digital strategy through to realization. But also to staff projects, or fly in specialist knowledge of specific subjects. YaWorks teams, consultants and specialists work for customers in the Netherlands and beyond.

2008 - now

Apr 2021

YaWorks 12,5 year aniversary

Jan 2021

YaWorks Projects and YaWorks move forward together as single operating company

Jul 2019

Launch of new website

Apr 2019

YaWorks gets it done

YaWorks, gets it done.

Nov 2018

8th FD Gazelle award in a row!

Oct 2018

Integratie business units

Integration of business units and consolidation of revenue

Sept 2018

Ten-year anniversary event in Rome

Jun 2018

Ter nagedachtenis aan Rob Wennekes

Unexpected death of Rob Wennekes

Feb 2017

YaWorks groeit

Investments in organization and new services

Sept 2016

YaWorks CO2 reductieprogramma

YaWorks reduces its CO2 emissions

Jun 2016

De groei van YaWorks

Revenue growth from projects

Jun 2015

Revenue continues to grow 14 million and>100 FTE

Jun 2014

De groei van YaWorks

Growth: 4 million and 100 FTE

May 2014

Party to celebrate 2,000 days

Sept 2013

Relocation to our current offices at Sijsjesbergweg in Amsterdam

Mar 2012

ISO 9001 certification achieved

Oct 2011

De groei van YaWorks

250% growth in revenue compared to 2010

Mar 2011

YaWorks wins its first FD Gazelle Award!

Jun 2010

YaWorks roadmap

60% growth compared to the first year and >50 FTE

Oct 2009

Bart Deuss, CEO

Bart Deuss becomes co-owner

Dec 2008

First customer: KPN

Oct 2008

Rob Wennekes oprichter en eigenaar YaWorks

YaWorks founded by Rob Wennekes

Since its foundation in 2008, the focus at YaWorks has been on establishing a company with the ability to attract top-level techies in the market. We achieve this by offering a mixture of ambition, personal approach, knowledge development and enjoyment within and outside work. From the outset, we opted to be a quality player, applying a very selective acceptance policy and investing heavily in personal development and corporate culture. The motto is: quality over quantity.

Now, more than a decade later, YaWorks is the home of knowledge in the field of digital infrastructures and a company that can attract and retain the very best people thanks to its unique culture. This brings results: it’s a well-kept secret that YaWorks is involved in the construction of almost all major commercial/public critical digital infrastructures in the Netherlands.

Most people have never heard of us, even though they encounter us on a daily basis – watching TV, using the Internet, paying for shopping, flying to exotic destinations and even in the electricity wall socket. Wherever you look, we are involved somewhere. That’s something we are really proud of.

Bart Deuss, CEO at YaWorks


At YaWorks, we are very conscious of the role our organization has in the world. In our dealings with each other, a sustainable relationship always takes precedence over a quick win. We aim to actively contribute to a livable and sustainable world, not only now and for our generation, but also for future generations.

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