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YaWorks realizes digital ambitions by ensuring the foundations of your digital infrastructure are ready for the future. In this process, we are your flexible partner, focusing on Cloud, Networking and Data Center.

Outsourcing a complete project creates space for your business. You have no need to worry about the necessary knowledge and expertise, capacity, planning or project management. You have determined the required outcome and the available budget, and then, all responsibility lies with us. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?

With more than a decade of experience in countless IT infrastructure projects, you are guaranteed a project team who know each other and the dynamics of infrastructure projects inside out.

Our program and project managers coordinate the process and schedule, managing your stakeholders together with you and reporting on progress. Our Lead Consultants provide specialist management to the project team, advising on decisions and taking overall responsibility for project quality. This gives you the peace of mind to focus on what you are good at and leave it to us to make it happen. YaWorks, gets it done.

You can outsource results to us on the basis of time and material or a fixed price.

A team that’s working to full capacity is worth its weight in gold. But putting together a team takes real time and effort. Finding the right people in today’s labor market is challenging enough, never mind the need to focus on different levels, relevant experiences and personalities that match. Although it’s not impossible, it’s very time-consuming and rife with risk.

With a YaWorks team, you have the benefit of a successful team from day one. We put together the multidisciplinary team based on your specific needs. Members of the team all share the same get-it-done mindset and the YaWorkers are perfectly matched with each other. Roles are clearly allocated and accepted, making managing easier. Knowledge is guaranteed thanks to several professionals and additional expertise is always close at hand in the YaWorks community. Incredibly simple, but highly effective.

Teams can be deployed based on effort (retrospective costing) or on deliverables (co-sourcing).

Anyone who has ever run large or complex projects and programs knows how essential excellent program and project managers are for ensuring success. When you are sure that the project is in the safe hands of experts, you will have freedom to focus comfortably on what matters.

YaWorks has been successfully managing programs and projects for more than a decade. We understand the dynamics of infrastructure and know how to get infrastructure teams moving. While specific knowledge of infrastructure ensures the project team stays sharp, a good personality keeps the team motivated and enthusiastic. Although we are demonstrably proficient in modern methodologies (Scrum, Agile, SAFe, Waterfall), good project management is primarily about managing expectations and stakeholders and such qualities as ownership, structure and leadership. Thanks to our combination of specific infrastructure knowledge and project management skills, that’s exactly what you can expect from us: YaWorks, gets it done.

YaWorks architects reduce apparently incoherent complexity to its essence. By doing so, we create an overview and help you to get your message across to your stakeholders, even at C-level.

By dividing up architecture into manageable steps, you can deliver value faster and do not need to turn everything on its head single-handedly (“it all needs changing”). Because we understand that your legacy architecture cannot disappear overnight, a transition is always part of our plan. YaWorks architects closely monitor developments and examples of best practice and are equipped with a YaWorks toolkit with reference architectures, such as “Smart Cloud” and “Smart Network”. By making use of smart building blocks, you achieve a pragmatic and executable roadmap more quickly. Because our architects have their origins in infrastructure, they will have no problem connecting with your engineering teams. And that’s essential, because: Vision without execution is hallucination (Thomas E. Edison).

YaWorks provides Architecture Consultancy on an interim basis or “as a service” (architecture board).

Good specialists are hard to find, especially if you want them to not only be experts in their field, but also have good communication skills and need to make good colleagues. Besides, there is no need for you to permanently staff your operations or complex or specialist project with engineers of this caliber, hiring them temporarily is your better option.

YaWorks is the place to go for a guarantee of good engineers. Although we often deploy our professionals on an interim basis, we are not a traditional staffing agency. This is because, we not only provide people, but also an obligation to deliver results (projects and co-sourcing), which means we always need to vouch for our people. This is why you can count on us for quality and continuity: YaWorkers are always extensively tested for technical expertise (assessment) and in line with the YaWorks DNA. In addition, YaWorkers receive active support from a Cluster Lead (hard skills) and a Field Manager (competences). If ever they cannot solve a problem on their own, they have 150 YaWorkers behind them, willing and ready to help. A YaWorker is never alone and you benefit from that.

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