The Digital Backbone

Will it make or break your company?

Our society is dependent on technology.

In our desire to innovate, we all forget, however, the foundations on which all that technology operates. How can it be that something so crucial gets so little attention? 

What would happen if we were no longer able to take digital infrastructure for granted as we have done so up to now? Would we then know what to expect, or do we really have no idea? For years now, companies have been dragging their digital foundation around like a millstone around their necks, so the question is how much innovative power would they gain from a digital infrastructure which is as solid as a rock?

These questions are crucial for our (digital) future and are therefore the key point of departure for this page's content. 

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Is life without the Cloud unthinkable?

IT simply has to do what it should do and as long as it works, everything is fine. We trust almost blindly that the world will just keep spinning, but we no longer ask ourselves how. So what would happen if a small detail suddenly turned the world upside down? Who would then still be able to decipher the IT black box?

In this audio story, we discover a darker side of our dependence on IT and it all starts with dark skies forming in the Cloud. Listen in to find out how Dutch society becomes completely derailed in a single day. 

More than just a story

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Tech is turning the world of finance on its head

The digital backbone of the financial world deserves to receive attention from everyone, right up to boardroom level

In the financial world, knowledge of technology is now already worth at least as much as knowledge of money. The questions are how do banks stay relevant in this digital age and how do they keep up with the pace of innovation while being seriously held back by the increasing pressure of legislation and regulation? The NRC asked experts whether people in pinstripe suits still have a place among digital natives.

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Why digital infrastructure is a precondition for success

and why that is difficult to explain.

Too many companies are building new applications on old infrastructure. In their desire to innovate, they forget to renovate the foundation as well, despite that presenting huge opportunities. In this NRC article, we discuss the practical and economic necessity of a modern digital infrastructure.

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