Improved web security to ensure secure remote working from any location.

Now that working from home has become more and more the norm, proper web security for your employees when they are working from home or on the go is essential. It will enable you to provide access to your network at any time and in any place, while access to risky or inappropriate websites can be denied, advanced malware blocked and the unauthorised uploading of sensitive data prevented.

YaWorks is an expert in the field of Web Security.

YaWorks can provide you with the knowledge and implementation experience to protect your employees sufficiently against the risks of the Internet, irrespective of their location, network or user device.

  • How can you align the integrated security functions to your specific situation?
  • How can you secure your network flexibly and reliably with real-time insight into threats?
  • To what extent do your employees have secure access to the Internet, irrespective of which device they are using to log in?
  • How do you prevent your sensitive data being sent to unauthorised parties?
  • How do you intercept advanced or even unknown malware?
  • How do you block the unauthorised uploading of sensitive (encrypted) data?
  • How do you supervise and guide IT parties in realising security architecture that meets your requirements?

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