Service Mesh – The value of stability.

Service Mesh technology provides stability, portability and more security insight by managing the way communication takes place between various elements of an application and sharing data with each other. 
The added value of service mesh is that it enables intelligence to be injected to create secure (https) connections automatically, without having to set up an application. Data-driven working is becoming easier. Applications can be migrated without downtime and insight created into mutual connections between applications. That is why Service Mesh is increasingly becoming the standard for Cloud Native.

In the coming years cloud native technologies are going to be a major trend when it comes to accelerating software innovations – Forrester

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  • To what extent do you have sufficient knowledge and skills in the area field of service mesh?
  • When is a service mesh a suitable solution?
  • How do you ensure optimally collaborative applications?
  • How do you combine a large number of services into one functional application? 
  • How do you implement a service mesh?
  • How do you create a visible infrastructure layer around your services to make it easier to identify and analyse problems?
  • How do you increase the resilience of applications and prevent downtime?
  • How do you get the right statistics to provide solutions in the runtime environment?

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