Privileged Access Management – improves your (data) security

Privileged Access Management enables you to centralise the login data of specific elements in one place, thereby giving you control over who has access to this data. This is how you can monitor confidential data within your organisation. Outside the organisation you can make remote access safer, for example for homeworkers or suppliers.
An automated logbook enables you to keep track of who has logged in when and continuously monitor suspicious activity. A PAM system guarantees you a high degree of security.

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YaWorks provides you with the knowledge and implementation experience to implement PAM.

  • How do you make working from home safer?
  • How do you improve the control and security of your user accounts to comply with legal regulations regarding (data) security?
  • How do you ensure better security, improved UX and cost savings with Multi factor Authentication?
  • How do you keep hackers out and prevent the theft of privileged credentials?
  • How do you keep an overview and governance with different PAM accounts?
  • How do you guide the transformation to a new, user-friendly and cost-effective security program?

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