Private Cloud – Your own cloud environment

Every organisation is unique and not every business can use a public cloud, for example because of legislation and regulations, but sometimes also because an application is unsuitable for the public cloud.  
In that case a private cloud environment is an attractive solution because it enables you to use the benefits of cloud while the cloud environment is actually running in your (trusted) data centre.  

YaWorks is an expert in the field of Cloud.

YaWorks provides you with the knowledge and implementation experience to realize the optimal private cloud environment for you.

  • What is the business case for a private cloud environment?
  • To what extent does a private cloud fit within your organization?
  • Which parties, products and services are suitable for your private cloud environment?
  • How do you migrate your current data center to a private cloud environment?
  • How are suppliers and 3rd parties involved in your private cloud environment?

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