Optimal security with a Next-Gen Firewall.

A Next-Gen Firewall is an essential component of any security architecture and protects sensitive data, meets compliance conditions and guides organisations along the road to digital transformation. As far as your network is concerned this means that more attention will be paid to traffic content in order to guarantee secure data flows and optimally protect your network.

YaWorks is expert op het gebied van Next-Gen firewalls.

YaWorks can provide you with the knowledge and implementation experience needed to enable you to gain maximum benefit from all the functionalities of your Next Gen Firewall. 

  • How do you optimally protect your network despite there being ever more devices and applications?
  • How do you improve security and, at the same time, keep productivity up without the use of applications being restricted?
  • In the Cloud age, how do you arrange secure and reliable connectivity for your network?
  • To what extent does an NGFW have sufficient added value for your business?
  • How do you obtain an overview of your network traffic and detect threats at lightning speed? 
  • How can you, with a minimum investment in knowledge and management, get maximum benefit from all functionalities?  
  • How do you select the best vendor and which solutions do you choose?
  • How do you supervise and guide IT parties in realising a firewall that meets your requirements?
  • How do you link your existing networks and security solutions?

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