Jun 2022

YaWorks appoints Maarten Vervoorn as Chief Technology Officer

YaWorks appoints Maarten Vervoorn as Chief Technology Officer.
In this new role, Maarten is responsible for safeguarding the technical knowledge and skills within the organization with the aim of providing customers with even better support during major transformation programs.

In his own words, Maarten is an IT professional at heart. As a child, his room was already full of computers. Over the past eleven years, his deep technical knowledge of IT infrastructure has contributed greatly to the success of YaWorks, assisting many clients with his knowledge and providing strategic advice. The step to CTO is a logical next step to help shape the growth of the company and to support customers even better in the future.

Maarten will be responsible for embedding the digital backbone strategy within YaWorks and thereby assisting customers with large digital transition programs. "I like to make a comparison with the maintenance of a house. People prefer to give the facade a makeover because it's in sight and the result can be seen immediately. But if the foundation is bad, your facade is soon gone... 
Maintaining the digital backbone is important. If you forget this, there will soon be a major technical backlog in the foundation of the IT environment," says Vervoorn. "In my new position I will help to strengthen this foundation for our customers and help them with a pragmatic digital backbone strategy. With this we realize a strong digital foundation, on which they can rely and expand their digital ambitions.”

Bart Deuss is happy to welcome Maarten in the MT. “With his technical knowledge and broad experience, Maarten is the right person to safeguard the digital backbone strategy within the organization, for the benefit of our services to customers. In addition, he has a clear vision and can communicate it clearly.”

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