May 2024

Teamwork based on genuine mutual trust

Ayvens, formerly known as LeasePlan, is now the largest leasing company in the world after merging with ALD and has been a client of YaWorks for 4.5 years. YaWorks has guided them from strategy to execution and setting up operations so they could operate independently. We've interviewed Marcel Klein- CTO at Ayvens

"When I started at LeasePlan 3 years ago, the YaWorks team was already working for us, and it felt good right from the start. It's quite special, but sometimes you just know immediately: this is a match.
The YaWorks employees are key people who hold important positions in our organization. You only do that when you trust each other 100%. They are truly part of the company. But they're not in the game to make themselves indispensable; they help us do it ourselves; They teach you how to fish.

And they did. That sets them apart from other parties. It's a genuine collaboration, based on trust and, not to forget, fun! In addition, they do what they promise, and we can rely on extensive specialist knowledge and expertise. One thing I'm sure of: without YaWorks, we wouldn't be where we are today.

I prefer to talk about a partnership rather than a collaboration. In the last three years, we have rolled out three major programs together, an impressive achievement and also very educational; we still reap the benefits. Recently, we updated our network environment. Previously, it would have taken three people three days, and now one person did it in a few hours. That's also the beauty of YaWorks: they take us along in the process. We now also know much better how to develop and roll out things ourselves. In short, they provide what you need as a company. I hope that YaWorks will continue to keep that force in the future."


Dave Philipsen, Account Executive:
"About 4.5 years ago, LeasePlan approached YaWorks. After thorough analysis, we helped them develop a new strategy to secure their license-to-operate and prepare for the digital future. We translated this into a digital backbone architecture, after which we set up various transformation programs to achieve this. I know few clients where the trust from both sides is so great. The result is that we have achieved a lot together and celebrated many successes!"

Jan Poelen, Account Manager:
"I have been involved with the LeasePlan account for about a year now. I still experience the chemistry between our YaWorkers and the LeasePlanners. This remains a unique situation. In the beginning, it was just difficult to distinguish who was from YaWorks and who was from LeasePlan. This shows how YaWorks manages to identify with the client. It remains remarkable what we have all done together."

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