Network Traffic Security Analytics for advanced detection.

NTSA closes the gap between the overlapping security technologies. By analysing network traffic, advanced threats in the network can be detected which are poorly identified by traditional solutions. Incidents are analysed in real time, context is provided for the threat and an automated response to incidents triggered. 

Technology such as Network Traffic Analytics is a necessity in the current work environment - Gartner

YaWorks is an expert in the field of NTSA.

YaWorks can provide you with the knowledge and implementation experience needed to protect your network effectively with NTSA.

  • How do you quickly achieve real-time detection and insight into threats in your network?
  • To what extent is your network prepared for generic, but also developed attacks from outside?
  • How do you also use NTSA to protect devices which have a limited or no built-in capabilities (such as many IoT devices)?
  • How do you maintain complete control and an overview of your security and stay up-to-date in the event of undesirable practices in your network?
  • How can NTSA actively detect cyberthreats?
  • To what extent is your network thoroughly analysed, threats detected accurately and reported at an early stage to security operations?
  • How do you link your existing networks and security solutions?

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