Micro Segmentation, better protection against cyber attacks.

Microsegmentation protects every virtual machine in an enterprise network or cloud environment with policy-driven, application-level security controls. Isolating and separately securing various networks will minimise the damage caused by a security incident.

YaWorks is an expert in the field of Micro Segmentatie.

YaWorks provides you with the knowledge and implementation experience to improve the security of your datacenter with Micro Segmentation.

  • To what extent is your security architecture up to the increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks?
  • How do you ensure maximum protection of your network with micro segmentation?
  • How does micro segmentation support your zero-trust policy?
  • How do you implement micro segmentation with traditional network technology?
  •  How do you achieve improved performance and a streamlined security process with micro segmentation?
  • How do you select the network virtualization vendors and solutions for your micro-segmentation process?

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