Real-time analytics with MDT

The management of individual devices (via CLI or GUI) is being replaced more and more by network controllers across the entire infrastructure. Data can be analysed directly from the network (The Network as a Sensor) thanks to automated analytics based on MDT (Model Driven Telemetry), security compliancy, capacity management and service-level management. 
Besides this offering immediate advantages in terms of the quality of the configurations and the reduction of the management effort, it also makes previously inaccessible functions and functionality available, with Service Delivery and Service Assurance being automated even further and becoming fully aligned with business requirements.

YaWorks is en expert in the field of MDT.

YaWorks provides you with the knowledge and implementation experience to make Network Automation a success.

  • How do you make the most of MDT for your specific needs?
  • How do you detect real-time security breaches with Network as a Sensor?
  • Which data gives your Network Team quick insight into the use and performance of applications, and how do you easily access usage data?
  • Does your network provide automatic notifications for protocal changes or when data or interface status change?
  • How do you connect your existing networks and security solutions?
  • How can you monitor the user experience and manage vendors?
  • How do you simplify your management activities with MDT?

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