Life Cycle Management (LCM): Indispensable for strong security and performance

A good LCM plan ensures the timely replacement of outdated hardware and software and prevents incidents, security risks, reduced functionality, failure and malfunctions. YaWorks has successfully completed numerous Life Cycle Management (LCM) projects on both the enterprise and service provider sides, as well as evaluating and possibly revising the underlying architecture.

Executing an LCM project is also a good time to start with automation, in which Model Driven Programmability and ZTP play a crucial role. YaWorks can take the lead in both the design of the automation and the implementation of the LCM project.

According to, 67% of organisations do not have the skills or knowledge to optimise asset LCM in the way they want. 

YaWorks is an expert in the field of LCM.

We provide you with the knowledge and experience to make your LCM safe and transparent.

  • How do you keep an overview of all support contracts and agreements with various vendors?
  • How do you guide the IT parties in realising an LCM process that meets your requirements?
  • What are the priorities when it comes to which IT components need to be replaced, expanded or phased out?
  • What is the forecast when it comes to necessary investments?
  • Is the capacity of your ICT being used to the maximum?
  • Does your IT landscape meet the latest security requirements?
  • How can you monitor the user experience and manage vendors?
  • How do you integrate LCM in your management activities?

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