Infrastructure Automation and Orchestration: the prelude to Algorithmic IT Operations (AI-Ops).

A manually oriented IT operation can no longer keep up with today's lightning speeds. IT organisations are therefore going to have to change radically. In that context, standardization, automation and orchestration are an indispensable trinity and a prelude to AI-Ops. Organisations that are applying this philosophy in their digital infrastructure and architecture are developing a rock-solid competitive advantage. After all, by doing so they are becoming much better at fulfilling the preconditions necessary for acceleration, efficiency and innovation, leaving more time and resources for IT that adds value.

69% of routine work done by managers today will be fully automated by 2024  – Gartner.

YaWorks is an expert in the area of Automation & Orchestration.

YaWorks provides you with the knowledge and implementation experience to make your automation process a success.

  • How do you keep your complex IT environment manageable, with as few resources and coordination as possible?
  • How do you integrate automation & orchestration in a DevOps way of work?
  • How do you streamline the entire IT workflow with all the different automation tasks?
  • How do you ensure a modern way of managing your infrastructure with automation & orchestration, without having to change your current working method?
  • How do you select the right automation tools and ensure an audit trail with which you continue to comply with all laws and regulations?
  • To what extent is your network scalable and flexible to cope with peaks in use and to be able to make quick adjustments?
  • How do you ensure that processes are streamlined as optimally as possible and that repetitive tasks are minimized?
  • To what extent do your IT security and operations teams work together on a single compliance policy, scanning systems, detecting issues and actively solving them?

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