Identity Access Management (IAM): Crucial for a secure digital enterprise!

Identity Access Management (IAM) is an essential part of a modern organisation. Our users are everywhere, and our applications must be accessible from anywhere in the world. At the same time, users of IT are no longer just employees, but chain partners, customers or suppliers. Access to our applications – and the proper management of that access – is therefore inextricably linked to the security and overall productivity of digital organisations.

Easily monitor, maintain and adjust user rights throughout the user access lifecycle: that is the essence of successful IAM. In addition, you must be able to demonstrably comply with legislation and regulations regarding privacy and security, such as GDPR. With a consistent and automated IAM approach, you maintain control over all forms of user access. The return is obvious: You reduce the risk of unauthorised access, while reducing slow onboarding processes from weeks to days – and successfully controlling data accessibility in your ecosystem. And all this at lower operational costs.

60% of unauthorised access occurs with stolen data or through known bugs in the software - IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence

YaWorks is an expert in the field of IAM.

YaWorks provides you with the knowledge and implementation experience to make your IAM project a success. 

  • How do you make your network securely accessible to customers, partners, suppliers, contractors and your own staff?
  • To what extent is your data protected to comply with the legal GDPR regulations?
  • How do you manage the inflow, promotion and outflow process of employees (including temporary employees) and external parties, and specify user rights to various systems and applications?
  • How do you protect your users against digital attacks?
  • How do you ensure optimal ease of use and robust security for the protection of private data?
  • How do you optimally implement Identity Governance and Administration?
  • How do you link different IAM technologies?
  • How do you arrange the link between different applications and your company network with SSO?
  • How do you ensure consistent, future-proof and scalable IAM solutions with central management of all users?

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