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These days wireless technology plays a key role in any communication and forms of wireless technology are central to emerging technologies such as robotics, drones, cloud and automation. The field of wireless is developing at a rapid pace and in the future we can certainly expect even more new wireless innovations. 5G is already being rolled out at various locations, LPWAN protocols are almost mainstream and the next generation WiFi6 standard is just around the corner. All these new techniques are making your network more agile and more flexible so that you can adapt faster to changes.

YaWorks is an expert in the field of the latest wireless techniques.

YaWorks can provide you with the knowledge and implementation experience needed to future-proof your wireless network.

  • How do you identify and classify innovative and emerging wireless technologies which are important for your business? 
  • Which new business opportunities does new high-speed, secure, wireless connectivity bring for your industry and business? 
  • How is your wireless network transformed into an intelligent sensor?
  • How do you create a wireless roadmap?
  • With an eye on the future, how do you acquire sufficient insight into the (im)possibilities of your current wireless environment?
  • How do you link wireless sensors securely to your network and keep out hackers?
  • Which (combined) wireless solution works fastest and best for your enterprise environment?
  • How do you ensure a stable network with sufficient capacity to cope with the latest developments in the field of, for example, IoT (with an LPWA network)?
  • How do you link your existing networks and security solutions?

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