Edge Computing – the next step in performance.

Edge computing scenarios are interesting when performance, costs and confidentiality play a major role within an organisation. Now that innovations are taking place will quickly and more and more data has to be processed, the infrastructure is required to perform at a higher level and link up more effectively with business objectives. Edge Computing brings computing as close as possible to the end user. In addition to improved performance, this achieves gains in the field of security, costs and scalability.

Cloud and Edge infrastructures, along with the corresponding network services, are crucial for modern organisations in order to facilitate innovation and new business opportunities - Gartner 

YaWorks is an expert in the field of Edge Computing.

YaWorks provides you with the knowledge and implementation experience for a successful Cloud transition.

  • When is Edge Computing interesting for you?
  • How do you realize Edge Computing with a cloud-first strategy?
  • To what extent is your application suitable for Edge Computing?
  • How does Edge Computing fit into your architecture?
  • How do you realize new business opportunities through Edge Computing?
  • Which products and services in the field of Edge Computing suit your business objectives?
  • Which form of Edge Computing suits your organization best?

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