Optimise the use of your data with CMDB.

A comprehensive CMDB (Configuration Management Database) and documentation strategy is vitally important for any IT  environment and not least for resolving malfunctions. It is a good point of reference for all your IT resources and creates a secure environment in which IT staff can tackle problems in real time and innovations implemented. CMDB is acquiring a more and more important role not only within the IT environment, but also in overarching business activities.

YaWorks is an expert in the field of CMDB.

YaWorks can provide you with the knowledge and implementation experience needed to make your CMDB a success.

  • How can you achieve a significant cost saving through the improved use of hardware and software data?
  • How do you simplify your IT processes with CMDB? 
  • How do you maintain insight and transparency when managing your IT assets?
  • To what extent are your service management processes (incident, problem, change and asset management) supported by CMDB? 
  • How do you maintain an overview of changes in the IT infrastructure and control of the knowledge management process?
  • To what extent does a complete and up-to-date CMDB contribute to the guidelines for BCM (Business Continuity Management) and to the statutory rules and regulations? 
  • How do you link CMDB to (existing) reporting tools? 
  • How does CMDB support rapid disaster recovery in the event of calamities?

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