API-driven development: The basis of your strategy

In API-driven development, APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) are not only used to develop applications, but to form the basis of your complete development strategy. As software delivery is increasingly Cloud-based, API-driven development is more and more important for providing organisations with maximum connectivity and flexibility to drive innovation.
A thorough inventory of the long-term requirements for your infrastructure is necessary for the success of API-driven development, so that the architecture and strategy can be adjusted accordingly.

YaWorks is an expert in API-driven development.

We provide you with the knowledge and implementation experience to make your API-driven strategy a success.

  • Which APIs are you using now, which ones are important to you and how do they fit into your overall architecture?
  • How do you keep your APIs consistent and compatible?
  • To what extent is your infrastructure set up for an API-driven strategy?
  • How are your APIs aligned with the back-end infrastructure, and is it future-proof?
  • To what extent are your APIs sufficiently secure?
  • Using automated API management tools, how do you keep an overview and easily manage large numbers of APIs?
  • How do you grow from a data-informed organisation to a truly data-driven organization and what are the benefits?
  • How do you link your existing networks and security solutions?

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