Hybrid Cloud– Best of both

A hybrid cloud is an ideal solution whenever there is a mixed application landscape where some of the applications run in the cloud and some on-premise. 
By constructing a central hybrid-cloud environment, the entire IT infrastructure can be controlled from a single interface. This results in cost savings, improved security and higher productivity.

For 2022 insufficient IaaS knowledge will delay half of enterprise IT organisations’ migration to the cloud by two years or more - Gartner

YaWorks is an expert in the field of Hybrid Cloud.

YaWorks provides you with the knowledge and implementation experience to make your Cloud transition a success.

  • How do you build a secure hybrid cloud environment?
  • How do you determine which applications to use?
  • Which suppliers, products and services are best for your hybrid cloud environment?
  • To what extent does a hybrid cloud fit your application landscape?
  • How do you involve suppliers and 3rd parties in your hybrid cloud environment?

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