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For us, development takes priority. There is nothing more important or more enjoyable than continuing to develop, both technically and personally. Development is about more than just obtaining certificates – it’s about bringing out the best in yourself.

Ontwikkeling bij YaWorks

YaWorks supports you in this with our own knowledge ecosystem. We actively share knowledge at technical sessions, training courses and workshops organized for and by colleagues. You will also be allocated a study budget and study leave that you can use to study, attend events or do training courses. The basic principle is that you are what drives your development, with the whole team always behind you. There will be a Field Manager on hand to support your development of soft skills, an Account Manager to help you with commercial issues, a Lead Consultant to encourage your technical development and a designated buddy standing by to help you with all kinds of issues.

Samenwerken en kennis delen

At YaWorks, collaboration and knowledge sharing take center stage. Because of this, we complement each other and I’m able to both broaden and deepen my skills.

Jeroen Boot - Lead Consultant

What direction do you want to take?

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